About Me

About Me

Mummy to two loud babies, three year old Archer and one year Margot. I’m an ex-corporate communications professional and amateur mum, writer and dancer.  (Life philosophy; we’re never too old to dance! Although often just a bit too tired.)

The other half and I married in Somerset, England in 2011 and moved from our home in Islington, London to San Francisco that Christmas ‘just for a year’ since the opportunity came up with work. We moved our jobs over here, loved San Francisco and stayed another year.

Baby #1 came along, we moved north out of the city to beautiful Marin County… bought an SUV, had baby #2… Nowadays we are absolutely certain that we’re staying here for good. Other than at least once a day when the babies synchro-scream / when I’m tired / when it rains / when someone cuts me up in the parking lot – then we are most definitely ‘going home’!

This is the day to day story of our life as new parents in the spectacular San Francisco Bay Area and our experience of California Brit-style.

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